Bike Rides and Good Times

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here in Kenya, and as my time is winding down I’m left with less than a month of my internship. I finished off my last blog post with my trip to Nakuru at the beginning of July. Since then I’ve been on a few more weekend trips and have mainly just been exploring more of Kenya.


The second weekend of July, my roommates and I hosted roughly 12 local JKUAT students at our place. We had some drinks and after that we all went out (minus Elena) on a matatu to the club. It was such a fun night and it was my first experience of an authentic Kenyan club (I’ve only been to a mostly expat bar before this). One thing I will say of the night is that I’m so thankful that in Canada squatting toilets are not a thing, because they are terrible always but especially horrific at a club. We ended up getting home around 5am and had a late start the next day. Miraculously, we discovered that Burger King exists in Nairobi, so we went to the largest mall in East Africa, Two Rivers, to get our fix.

On the 8thof July, my roommates and I (minus Wenna), all went to Hell’s Gate National Park. This is a different park from what we’ve been to before, because unlike the other safaris this one you do riding a bicycle. Since I personally haven’t rode a bike that wasn’t stationary in about 10 years, this was a particularly difficult task. I managed the 8km ride to the gorge that runs through the park, which we then hiked through. As we stopped for lunch, there were lots of monkeys hanging out around the eating area and many signs saying don’t feed the monkeys. Emiel, being Emiel, had put his yogurt container down for 1 second and then a monkey ran over and snatched it up. This was definitely a highlight of the trip, as it became man vs. monkey. After, we went through the gorge and it was so beautiful. I wish we had more time in the gorge, as there are natural hot springs I wish we had time to go into. Lucky for me (and my muscles) about halfway through the 8km ride back, Kevin our driver stopped a car passing by and weaselled me a ride back to the front of the park. I’m pretty sure he didn’t think I’d make it back before dark, but I was fine with it. I’d say no matter what, it was a successful day and I had so much fun.

The following week of July 9th, Wenna and I had the opportunity to visit Eve’s own yoghurt kitchen that she opened in Juja, which she is very excited and passionate about. We made more yoghurt and experimented with pineapple flavouring to use in Eve’s shop.  At this time we also were in the process of setting up a meeting with the Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi to do a sensory testing of our Fiti yoghurt.


Towards the end of the week, Aidan, Elena, and Acacia, and myself finished watching season 1 of Westworld before Aidan left for his hike of Mount Kenya. We had a quiet weekend as we decided to stay in Nairobi and Juja. This weekend we went to The Goat Social Club, which is a small café in Nairobi that features local Kenyan artwork. After that we went back to our new favourite mall, Two Rivers, and met up with Reni to watch the world cup. That evening we welcomed one more roommate, making us a group of 6 girls in one house.

As things are winding down here, there are still many more trips planned and goals to accomplish with my internship that I look forward to sharing with you all over the coming weeks. Until next time!

2 thoughts on “Bike Rides and Good Times

  1. Esther Graham

    Sounds like you are having way too much fun! Is there truly an internship????LOL
    Hope you continue to have fun and create wonderful memories.
    Hugs Graham family


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